Affirmation Recordings
Raise your vibrations, Tap into the law of attraction, and Accelerate manifestation
 Affirmations for Happiness
Money Affirmations
Custom Affirmations
- Powerful for meditation
- Custom to what you are manifesting into your life
- Quality production and fast turn-over
We can create affirmations for any life situation
Here are some examples-
- Attract money
- Attract love
- Attract success
- Attract health
- Affirmations for healing
- Affirmations for anxiety 
- Affirmation for stress
- Affirmations for self-care
- Before bed affirmations
- Morning affirmations 
- Prenatal affirmations
- Before a stage speech
- Affirmations for self-love
- Affirmations for strength 
- Affirmations for career
- Affirmations for fear
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